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Full Name: Araceli Fuentes de Luna
Age: 20
Height: 5'4 (163cm)
Gender: Female
Race: Lumien
Aspect: Moon
Weapon: Aurous Saber
  • Enjoys reading YA novels, especially ones that dabble in romance
  • Bites her thumb as a nervous tick
  • Keeps a personal journal. No one else is allowed to peek inside - not even Raiden
"Should you challenge my resolve, know that it is unbending! I'll show you the true might of the Kingdom of Winds!"
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Princess of the Cielisono royal family and future ruler of its kingdom, Araceli spends most of her time studying under an Elitecan tutor, training with the Windknights in magic and swordplay, tending to her pact with a Champion, and aiding her father with small administrative tasks. Besides her lacking magical prowess, Araceli is on track to becoming a suitable heir.

Just before she was born, a prophecy revealed that a dark force would one day threaten her home. Additionally, it foretold that Araceli herself would be the one to conquer it, and it is for this reason that she works as hard as she does. However, despite her best efforts, she cannot gain control of her moon aspect, locking off a wellspring of power that could be used against the threat. Nobody is entirely certain on what the power entails or how it was sealed off in the first place, but the royal family and castle employees keep the growing concern a secret from the rest of the world. All anyone can assume is it involves a sword.

Of course, time waits for no one, and neither do prophecies. The dark force, with the might of a god, sweeps over San Ven and engulfs her homeland in a never-ending storm. With no choice but to run for her safety, Araceli is determined to travel the world of Luxos in search of a way to find the strength to take back her kingdom.

The sacred power promised to her by prophecy is the ability to access Cor Lucis, a mythical sword that rests within the vessel of Fenrir, the dormant Beastlord of Light. A manifestation of Fenrir's heart, the blade is composed of the light collected within it, draining Fenrir's own strength with every powerful strike.

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