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Full Name: Colwyn Fulrisk
Age: 21
Height: 5'6 (168cm)
Gender: Female
Race: Drascus
Aspect: Ice
Weapon: Okeanos' Nail
  • Will not attend a social event if there's no alcohol involved
  • Enjoys sketching out battle plans and travel routes
  • An ex-member of The Four Skulls, a legendary pirate crew that was dissolved due to internal conflict
"Sometimes, it's not enough to just want something. Sometimes, you gotta take it with your bare fists and show the world you earned it!"
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Cole's reputation as the renegade first mate of arguably the most notorious band of sky pirates precedes her; few individuals are comfortable approaching her for any reason, and she prefers it that way. However, under all of that tough skin, Cole hides a tragic secret that floods her with guilt. When Raiden, Araceli and Saffron request a means of travel, Cole is forced to face this buried trauma head-on.

The level of detail Cole places in her cartography and the tendency to take the brunt of attacks during battle display in a shining light how much she cares for her allies. The guilt that once plagued her has gradually become replaced with trust and warmth. Sure, her new "crew" is horrbly inexperienced when it comes to adventure, but Cole knows that they can at least hold their own when they need to, and that's enough for her.

Cole is a morally questionable woman who really leans into the "solo pirate" occupation - earning her a cutthroat loner reputation. Once a member of the legendary Four Skulls, she abandoned her allies after a mission gone wrong that resulted in the loss of her former captain. In trying to uncover the truth behind the tragedy, Cole found herself tangled in a mess orchestrated by a party known as Nox Noctis. Now, her hands are tied, and she's given the simple task of messing with some royals and fetching a particular nobody.

Unfortunately for Cole, it seems like her ice-cold heart was warmed by her very targets. Sure, everyone's getting along swell, but the good times will only last so long - Cole knows that better than anyone else. After all, they don't call her the Shadow of the Skysea for making friends. No matter how much she cares for those green adventurers aboard her skycraft, she knows that it will all come to a close soon enough. It's better to close off those feelings before it's too late. After all, she's just doing her job - nothing more, nothing less.

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