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Full Name: Raiden
Age: 20
Height: 5'1 (155cm)
Gender: Female
Race: Lumien Beastlord
Aspect: Lightning ???
Weapon: None
  • Can't whistle - she doesn't understand the breathing part
  • Enjoys most types of food, but favors fruit
  • The cuffs on her wrists can't be removed
  • Though they cannot be removed, her cuffs can be broken if Raiden forces enough stored power towards them.
"I know you're hurt, I really do! But, I want to ask you to trust in me - just this once, let my heart reach you!"
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Raiden believes in navigating each decision with optimism and good intention. She finds strength in being kind, influenced by the kindness expressed by the Cielisono royal family. To others, she may come off as naive, but she sees little reason to act any other way. Though emotionally reserved herself, Raiden is exceptionally sensitive to others' feelings and is able to pick up on subtle shifts in someone's mood.

Raiden's greatest loyalty is to Princess Araceli of Cieliso. After serving as her attendant for over a decade, Raiden is acutely tuned to Araceli's needs and is well-trained to address them appropriately. With little memory of her life prior, Raiden has come to center her entire existence around the princess'.

Raiden's greatest loyalty is to Princess Araceli of Cieliso. She has no intention of betraying her, but at times the oath she signed herself to will contradict the princess' own desires. Despite not wanting to admit it, Raiden has morals and emotions of her own. When the pair flee Cieliso, it is of Raiden's own hand, not Araceli's. And, despite the fury of the princess, Raiden would not feel a shred of regret, and would later disobey her again.

Ten years ago, Raiden perished unceremoniously. However, her life was preserved by Fenrir, Beastlord of Light. In the process, Raiden lost most of her memories of who she was before colliding with Fenrir. Most of the time, the lack of memories don't bother Raiden too much. She's seen countless instances of people being burdened and suffering because of their past experiences. But when she witnesses those with deep bonds to cherish, those with something meaningful and joyful that depend on having hung onto the past, she has the quiet realization that perhaps she is missing out on quite a bit. After all, what is a person other than their memories?

It's not entirely certain if Raiden and Fenrir are one and the same, or if they remain separate entities within the same vessel, but Raiden is able to channel Fenrir's power nonetheless. With command over light itself, Raiden is able to take pieces of others' light for herself and call upon their strength whenever she needs. Their light will never leave her, collecting within her heart and slowly expanding into something greater than Luxos itself.

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