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Full Name: Saffron Infiaco
Age: 19
Height: 5'7 (170cm)
Gender: Male
Race: Alcerian
Aspect: Fire
Weapon: Reinforced Spellbook
  • Greatly admires his brother, Raymond, despite any envy or annoyance he expresses towards him
  • Has difficulty keeping comments to himself, even at his own demise
  • Horrible with animals and small children
"Excuse me as I question your judgement for a moment - just WHAT were you thinking?! Do you have even a touch of logical reasoning in you? No, of course you don't! Why do I even ask..."
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Saffron is the second-born son of House Infiaco, and he is very proud of this fact. Though, as much as he'd like to inherit the role of Head of House, it seems his older brother has seniority. Convinced that he would be far more suited as South Pyrus' leader, Saffron constantly pesters his mother to reconsider. His mother gives him but one response: Saffron just doesn't have what it takes, and until he acquires it, the position will be inherited by his brother.

Seeking to prove himself as a worthy successor, Saffron volunteered to spearhead a great political endeavor on behalf of his family; he would establish a new economic agreement between South Pyrus and Cieliso, one that would bring strength and flexibility to Pyrusian merchants in the Tradewinds. If he could arrange this, then the merit of his own might, wits and diplomacy would be impossible to ignore. With his prized possession, a mysterious amulet he picked up from an old box in his home, Saffron embarked on a trip to San Ven to begin negotiations. Little does Saffron know, however, that he was way in over his head, and this undertaking was far more complex than he imagined.

Saffron's quest is interrupted by an unusual attack on the sky archipelago. Though it terrifies him, he's not discouraged in the slightest. In fact, he sees the journey ahead as a means to prove himself in a truly exceptional way and finally be taken seriously by those around him.

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