Four unfathomably magnificent creatures rule Luxos' natural world, known as the Beastlords of Storm, Tide, Ash and Wild. Each Beastlord is known to gift one of three aspects to an individual:

In addition to the four known Beastlords, there is one additional Beastlord that has rested dormant since the creation of Luxos. Governing the very light that unites all beings in the realm, the aptly named Beastlord of Light was awakened in recent years due to a mysterious disturbance threatening Luxos' stability.

Luxos was more or less created by these beings. Everything on Luxos - animals, plants, soil, and more - were forged with influence by the Beastlords, and everything has some level of light from these Beastlords embedded into it. This influence is what allows the sentient life on Luxos to utilize an aspect, which is the ability to manifest and control certain types of light.

The Beastlords themselves tend to move from place to place, but frequently return to their dens. Though they can generally be found in these dens, it's quite dangerous to enter one. A Beastlord's might warps the atmospheric light around them, making it strenuous and difficult for a Luxic person to get near.

Studies are currently being conducted in Eliteca to better understand the nature of the Beastlords, with some branches of this research aiming to more reliably harness their grand power. Unknown to those outside these darker academic circles, there is apparently a way to seal just enough of a Beastlord's power away to allow someone to approach one...


The physical form of the Beastlord itself holds immense power. Tufts of fur, scales, claws, and other trace materials regularly shed from the Beastlords can increase the capacity of a Luxic person's aspect in various ways just by carrying one around as a talisman. The effect a talisman has on one's abilities is dependent on which Beastlord the material comes from.

Because of how hard it is to even get close to a Beastlord, talisman materials are extremely rare to come by. Additionally, with how infrequently a Beastlord sheds through natural means, it's almost impossible to naturally stumble upon material just lying around. It's no surprise that talismans are closely associated with authority or nobility - the very few people who have a talisman also happen to be rulers of some sort.

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