Life is present everywhere on Luxos, from the peaks of Guashan Range to the depths of the Dark Sea. All things, living and nonliving, contain some quantity and quality of light. However, only living organisms have the ability to manipulate light through aspects. This ability is highly limited - each individual life form can only control a single type of light, and can only do so after being granted the ability via a Beastlord's influence.

Classifying Life Forms

Because of the potential to cause harm with an aspect, the general behavior of living beings on Luxos (particularly its fauna) is important to grade in a meaningful and concise manner. Scholars have determined an "Aggression Index" (or simply "Aggro ID") system to classify the expected response a given creature may have towards an approaching Luxic person. Aggro ID is indicated on documents using the first letter of the classification.

Generally, this system is only used to classify animals, but terminology can also apply to any other life form with the behaviorial qualities needed to meaningfully react to an approaching person.

Life forms that have an Aggro ID also have a "Power Index" (or "Power ID"), represented with a number between 1-6.

This additional index was provided due to the early realization that sometimes how aggressive an organism is may not directly correlate with how much damage it can do.

An example of a life form with a safer Aggro ID and a high Power ID is the paddlet. A large amphibian native to Guashan marshlands, it has been officially classified as D4. It's not uncommon for adventurers to be approached by a curious paddlet. Unfortunately, these creatures severely lack depth perception, and often run over their objects of interest by accident (ouch).

An example of a life form with an alarming Aggro ID and a lower Power ID is the acerito, a samara-like creature that can be seen gliding in the forests of Cieliso. It is classified as A1 - it will immediately launch itself in the direction of anything that approaches it. However, it is very small and paper-like, rendering it unable to cause actual harm to whatever tipped them off.

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