The vastness of Luxos piques the curiosity of many brave ones. Those that act upon their courage and venture across the realm are known as "adventurers." Many adventurers pursue a general goal. For example, many are treasure hunters looking to make big relic money or uncover a great discovery. Some take up the traveling doctor trade and provide healing services to others passing by.

Several locations are shaped around these adventurers. Most treasure-hunting adventurers make sure to visit Deep Umisuu's ruins. Buragee, a town near the coast of Deep Umisuu, is a common spot for these adventurers to rest, and many of the amenities are designed with them in mind. Sinocrast is an entire island in the middle of the Luxic Sea that serves as a culinary paradise and a popular spot for well-seasoned adventurers to expand their palate.


Pirates are groups or networks of adventurers with a common goal or trade in mind and (more importantly) zero alignment to the nation that they operate wtihin (Cieliso, Umisuu, Pyrus or Guashan). The term is really only used colloquially to refer to those that aim to claim and command "turf," but it technically applies to any party of adventurers.

The turf-type pirates don't actually own the area in which they operate, but they hold a certain authority with the people there. Oftentimes this respect is commanded with fear, leading to a rather negative perception of pirates. However, there are many pirates that exert very little force on the area they possess, and simply have it as means of strengthening reputation. Some national authorities have pushed efforts towards keeping pirates away from their towns, but others truly don't care what happens to the more "inconsequential" territories.

Because of the specific context of its usage, the term "pirate" is often a negative one. It is an insult to call a well-meaning individual one, and a deep offense to higher-class property owners, such as nobles. Interestingly enough, there are such individuals who have renounced their nobility to join a pirate's guild.


While the term refers to anyone born into a family of affluent status in a given region, most people associate nobility with exceptional prowess over magic. This association is not without grounding, as most noble families happen to have a tie with a Champion or possess at least one talisman. For the most part, nobles also happen to govern a territory in their region of influence.

Noble families are present in every region, and their social prowess is typically reserved for the region in which they hail from. Most nobles make a concerted effort to form allied relationships with other families, so they may own a skycraft or two to facilitate travel.

Nobility response to pirates in their domain vary. Nobles will try to drive pirates out of their domain, particularly if they cause enough trouble for its citizens. However, some may allow pirate crews to stay and act as desired in exchange for something else, perhaps colluding for some greater goal.

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