"There's light, and then there is 'beyond light.' Those who have been blessed with might remniscent of the Lords themselves, revered for generations after... How else would one refer to them but as divine? Yes - it is that divinity that we should all be striving for." - Kiyabu

Linked from birth, Keepers are Luxic people with a special bond with their respective Beastlord. This bond allows them access to their Beastlord's thoughts and feelings, as well as potential to utilize all three of its governed aspects.

The main duty of a Keeper is to facilitate communication between Luxic people and their linked Beastlord. The way this responsibility manifests varies between relationships, but generally pertains to the following:

Technically, Keepers don't need to do anything. Their connection to their Beastlord isn't inherently tied to the effort (or lack thereof) put into maintaining the link. However, a negligent Keeper may find that a displeased Beastlord can cause great havoc upon the land.


When a Keeper dies, another is born immediately after. If enough people hold a late Keeper's legacy in high regards, then they can offer their light to preserve that Keeper's own existence. Keepers who persist after death in this way are called Champions. Champions can act completely on their own whim and desire, but can only exist in and interact with Luxos with consistent offerings of light. It's common for Champions to grant natural miracles - such as sparks to provide flame on a cold night or richer soils for a fruitful harvest - in exchange for offerings. Though they don't have a physical form of their own, Champions can temporarily manifest in areas where substantial amounts of light have been collected.

Champions can also form pacts with Luxic individuals. These are bonds in which a Champion offers miracles and great power for a Luxic person in exchange for light offerings and a point to manifest (i.e. to speak or act through). The specific terms vary between pacts, but they generally fall under that framework.

Because of the nature of their existence, Champions may be revered to as gods; sometimes they are even sworn to (e.g. "Loni of Twilight," "do the Ignited Eyes deceive me?"). This is more of a regional or cultural behavior, however, and is almost a telltale way for someone to recognize where a certain individual may be from.

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