The Realm of Light

Great Regions

Luxos, also known as "the realm of light," is divided into four Great Regions. Each of these regions is defined by the roaming path of its respective Beastlord. Prior to the current four-section layout, Luxos was simply split into Upper and Lower sections. Upper Luxos was made up of what is now known as Cieliso (as well as some regions of the Guashan Peaks), leaving Lower Luxos with Pyrus, most of Guashan, and what was present at the time in Umisuu before tides lowered. The current divisions of territory are a part of a political undertaking related to maintaining peace with the Beastlords.


"I really don't get to leave San Ven much unless it's for some international meeting. Not that it's a bad thing - I do love my home, it's just... After staying in one spot for so long, I can't help but develop a sense of wanderlust. Don't you ever look out at the Skysea and wonder what curiosities the world has in store?" - Araceli

The sky-isles kingdom. This region encompasses the great majority of what was once considered Upper Luxos. Highlighted in the central island lies the proud capital city of San Ven. Most Cielicano citizens live here, but there are a few smaller villages along the outskirts and on close neighboring islands. The rest of the region is composed of plains and forests (though the trees don't grow very tall). A constant breeze cycles the region, and windstorms will occasionally pass through. In order to reduce damage to infrastructure, tunnels have been constructed inside and around the archipelago to redirect and disperse the powerful gusts. Travel between the islands and beyond the country is typically accomplished through the use of skycrafts.


"The people here are really nice, you know? The earliest memory I've got is waking up on the beach without to my name other than, well, my name! Haha! But everyone trusted me immediately and gave me food and a place to stay before the Rey came by. There's so much kindness in everyone, isn't that just great?" - Raiden

The enigmatic abyssal nation. Directly beneath the Cielicano Isles lies another set of islands - one suspended in the Luxic Sea. Umisuu is split into two climatic sections - Coastal Umisuu and Deep Umisuu. The former refers to the above-sea landforms, while the latter applies to the depths left behind when Upper Luxos (now Cieliso) rose from the sea. In general, the populations of Coastal and Deep Umisuu were rather even. Lately, however, many Deep Umisuans have relocated to a Coastal city due to increasing dangers in the Dark Sea. Most of these individuals now reside in Ikoron, the capital of Umisuu.


"You would be correct to assume that my responsibilities to South Pyrus are great in volume and value. Keeping up with academics, attending diplomatic conferences, indexing denizen concerns...just to name a few. As secondborn son of House Infiaco, I have great shoes to fill by mother if I wish to succeed as Head of House. Hm? Well, yes, typically the position is inherited by the eldest child, HOWEVER..." - Saffron

The vibrant blaze country. Pyrus is a large, terrestrial region characterized by extremely flat landscapes - the only notable high point being the Tappjhaa Volcano in Asburj. The country is subdivided into three areas: North Pyrus, East Pyrus, and South Pyrus. Each region is governed by a specific noble house. While they act independently of each other, the houses will often meet to decide on greater national affairs. The climate generally runs dry, however South Pyrus has a short wet season because of its proximity to the Luxic Sea.


"Eh, I can't say I know much about mainland Guashan, but I was born and raised on Sinocrast. It's a nice little sandbox full of nutty chefs, BUAHAHA!! You know, my dads are from there. I should probably say 'hi' or something, huh? I wonder if they think I'm dead yet." - Cole

The unyielding lush empire. The Guashan region is made up of snowy mountains, fertile farmland, and a few sky islands not unlike the Cielicano Isles. Its capital, Da Qiu, is enshrouded by a treacherous range, with the only break in jagged mountains being a single, heavily-guarded path. Governed by the Crystalline Monarch, the country is closed off to outsiders without an entry permit. The exception for this strict border policy is the island of Sinocrast, as there is really no effective way to block off the entire area.

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