I have played every Splatoon game, however I didn't really get into it until Splatoon 3. I hardly have any memories of the original Splatoon game, and I only played a bit of Splatoon 2 near the beginning and end of the game's lifespan. I have been playing Splatoon 3 since launch and still play now!!

My main weapon is the Dapple Dualies Nouveau. I used to main .52gal, but I found that the Dapple Dualies' mobility and sub weapon combos come in handy for my playstyle. I used to play Sloshing Machine as well, but not so much after the 1.2.0 update. Since 3.0.0, I have also picked up .96gal Deco as its playstyle is relatively similar to .52gal. Since 4.0.0, I have also picked up Light Tetra Dualies because I think Zipcaster on Dualies is absolutely bananas.

These are all slayer and slayer-adjacent kits/playstyles. When I'm looking to play a more supportive role for my team, I play the vanilla Dapple Dualies. Sloshing Machine also has some solid support potential, but again I haven't really used it since the update that killed it lol.

Playing Since 9/9/2022





splat zones


Fresh Season 2023



tower control


Fresh Season 2023





Fresh Season 2023



clam blitz





.52 gal


takoroka visor
last ditch effort
matcha down jacket
ninja squid
red and black squidkid IV
stealth jump
Filthy front-liner and not sorry about it

main slayer kit. extremely cheesy and can stand on its own. ninja squid + stealth jump is just filthy on this. apparently for some stupid reason i'm running lde on this. i run this in most ranked modes and in tricolor turf, but it's viable everywhere.

dapple dualies nouveau


boss floss
schoolyard scrap jack
blue shrimpsiders
stealth jump
Dapples nouveau are good in meta?

hybrid slayer/support. i like to try and prioritize sub > main weap on this, but that leaves me at the mercy of a good team lols. i like running this in turf or when i play with friends, but i'll occasionally solo queue this in tower control, splat zones or rainmaker.

sloshing machine


studio headphones
last ditch effort
airflow and hustle jacket
ninja squid
zebrafish hi tops
swim speed up
Post-1.2.0 certified girl help moment

hybrid slayer/support, but with a little more support. special charge + special saver subs will help booyah bomb farming for my team. pre-1.2.0 it was absolutely filthy in most ranked modes, but its viability has been crushed. i still run it as booyah bomb support if i have a reliable ranked team.

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