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You are the collective of the heart. You are love in its truest, most unyielding form.
"It's okay, even if I never remember anything. What matters is the memories I make right here, right now. So don't you worry about me, alright? Let's be happy instead!"
- Raiden

Bolt from the Blue is an in-development RPG project by solo dev RAKURAIKOU (aka Len). It is meant to be a homage to Bravely Default and the JRPG genre with an emphasis on meaningful worldbuilding.

The High Fantasy world of Luxos is said to be forged by four almighty entities known as the Beastlords. After creating Luxos, the Beastlords peacefully lived alongside all other lifeforms, quietly governing the natural processes within the realm.

The story opens with Raiden, a friendly amnesiac who washed up on the shores of Buragee and was taken in by the Cielisono Royal Family. By an interesting trick of fate, she serves as attendant to the passionate princess who can't seem to wield her aspect, Araceli Fuentes de Luna. One day, Castle Cieliso is suddenly attacked by a mysterious force, forcing Raiden and Araceli to flee. They meet the Pyrusian noble and prospective heir Saffron Infiaco, who was planning on visiting the kingdom before it was attacked. The three find their desperate escape aboard the Frostfarer, a skycraft piloted by none other than Cole Fulrisk, a notorious solo pirate.

With Raiden by her side, Araceli is determined to return to Cieliso and take back her kingdom from the unknown assailant. Meanwhile, Saffron strives to prove himself a worthy successor to his noble house, and Cole is apparently just here for the ride. On top of everything else, it seems a dangerous group of people are targetting Raiden for a reason they refuse to disclose.

Bolt from the Blue will probably be in development for a very, very long time.

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