I do stuff sometimes. It's a lot of fun! Except for when it isn't.

Original characters and stories

Bolt from the Blue

A worldbuilding/gamedev project started in December 2020 inspired by silly classic JRPGs about little guys going on big adventures. There's also a TOYHOU.SE folder for this project that I'm currently working on.

The Witch-Patron Society

A collaborative OCverse I have with my friends. TWPS takes place in a nebulously-located but strictly-modern university setting and follows a group of losers banded under Osis, The Dark Overlord. Lot of funny stuff going on there, check out the TOYHOU.SE world while you're at it.


Just a Discord server I spend way too much time polishing + managing (I say this lovingly. The people in there make it worth going this hard for). It's designed with OC/worldbuilding/projectdev in mind, so there's channels for people's projects, monthly events/prompts, etc. The site isn't updated, but the server is still running, so come hang out with us!

Fan characters and projects

Bravely Marle

My Bravely Default fan OCs. They exist in the world of Luxendarc, but one that's a little more developed with concepts by my friend Fio.

Other personal works

Stardust Trinity, LTD

A quick and dirty kinetic novel that my girlfriend and I put together in about a week for a game jam.

Chalk For Bones

It's just a personal writing collection. Poetry, letters, prose... Whatever lols. Any necessary content warnings will be noted on the page itself.

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