Stuff I'm working on!!

I do stuff sometimes. It's a lot of fun!

Bolt from the Blue

Rotating in my head at a constant velocity is my silly worldbuilding/gamedev project started in December 2020. Inspired by silly classic JRPGs about little guys going on big adventures. There's also a TOYHOU.SE folder for this project that I'm currently working on.

The Witch-Patron Society

Also rotating in my head at a constant velocity is a collaborative OCverse I have with my friends. TWPS takes place in a nebulously-located but strictly-modern university setting and follows a group of losers banded under Osis, The Dark Overlord. Lot of funny stuff going on there, check out the TOYHOU.SE world while you're at it.


Just a Discord server I spend way too much time polishing + managing (I say this lovingly. The people in there make it worth going this hard for). It's designed with OC/worldbuilding/projectdev in mind, so there's channels for people's projects, monthly events/prompts, etc. I'm currently working on the resource on this page somewhere safe! Images may be broken for the time being.

Chalk For Bones

It's just a personal writing collection. Poetry, letters, prose... Whatever lols. Any necessary content warnings will be noted on the page itself.

Mintyverse (currently retired!)

What was originally supposed to be a "break" from the heavy worldbuilding of BftB gradually became a bit of a reflection on my adolescence, weirdly enough. It's a really lame story about a giga chuuni birdgirl determined to save the world from its inevitable end. I plan on turning this into a game as well, albeit a much smaller one than BftB. There's also a TOYHOU.SE folder for this, but it's disgustingly outdated.

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