chalk for bones

just some "poetry" collection

i'm just putting words together recreationally.

hi! this is my poetry page lol. i hesitate to call it poetry (as you may see from the text above that puts "poetry" in quotation marks), though i think that's more due to my own insecurity than anything else. i've organized my personal writings into three "titles," which you can access from the links below or from the "Quick Links" menu.

The Godkiller's Prayer Book

A lot of my more emo stuff is in here lols. General content warning for religious themes and existential loser nonsense. I'll note more warnings as I go.


World is so jamournis. World is also bitty. These are small journal entries about people I've met (so... not really poems). Locations and other private information have been edited out.

Stay Curious

Whatever isn't emoguy nonsense or heartfelt recollection of random people goes here. Positive or neutral reflection on things in my life, kinda.

"The Peanut Butter Story"

A long overdue tribute (euology? I've never really had to use these words before, so I don't know what they mean) to someone who meant a lot to me when I was much younger, written sleeplessly in the early morning of November 15th, 2023 (or the late night of November 14th, 2023, depending on who you're asking)