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The Fallen Princess

Name Araceli Fuentes de Luna
Gender Female
Age 21
Height 5'4" (163cm)
Aspect Radiance
Affiliation Team Raiden, Cielisono Royal Family

Araceli is the protagonist of Bolt from the Blue, and the game's narrative is centered around her journey. When she was first conceived, Araceli was destined to fulfill a great prophecy as a hero to her kingdom. However, she was suddenly cursed shortly after birth by an unknown affliction that resulted in the sealing of her aspect. After fleeing a devastating attack on her kingdom, Araceli is determined to relieve herself of this curse and find the key to saving her home.



Araceli is a young woman with long, brown hair and purple-brown eyes. Her hair is thick and somewhat wavy, giving a fluffy appearance. She has a light mark on her right hand that glows blue when she is using magic.

A clear tell of her Cielisono origin and residence, Araceli dresses in warm layers. Her signature capelet, clipped by a gold button cradling a red stone, is a staple of most of her favorite outfits. Like most other nobles, her clothing is often decorated with subtle gold accents.

Araceli hides her emotions behind a very convincing "poker face."


In general, Araceli is rather serious and focused. She is easily frustrated by distractions from her main goal of fulfilling her prophecy. Guilt weighs heavy on her, but she tries to convey it (and other emotions) with a level-headed maturity.

Araceli maintains a consistent "perfect princess" facade. Around others, especially other nobles, Araceli speaks politely and tries not to make enemies. Indulgence in her interests is kept to a "normal" degree. Most people see her as a strong prospective leader with exceptional manners.

With Raiden, however, Araceli seems to drop much of her facade. Her liking for young adult romance novels shines unabashedly, and she is far more emotional.


In the early game, Araceli is a powerful physical attacker. Despite a considerable INT stat, she lacks any viable CAST abilities until the late game. Araceli has a radiance aspect.

Loniles' Pact

Araceli has a pact with the Champion Loniles. She formed this pact when she was a young teen. Both sides maintain their part, but Araceli has not been able to tap into her Champion's reserved abilities, nor has she heard her Champion's voice.


Prior to Story

Just after Araceli was born, her mother requested a special divination from Lady Infiaco. The vision showed that the newborn Araceli would be born with a dormant power of legend. Araceli's mother immediately tied this nebulous promised power to an ancient prophecy regarding the fate of the Kingdom of Cieliso. Hopeful and excited, Araceli's mother brought in a member of the Church of Loni to train as Princess' Shadow—the loyal attendant who would protect and serve her daughter.

A month before Araceli's first birthday, her mother sought another divination from Lady Infiaco. Its reach extended by a once-in-a-decade natural phenomenon, the vision revealed a curse that would be placed upon Araceli by an unrecognized individual. In response, the Cielisono royal family raised its guard considerably. However, despite the personnel's greatest efforts, an assailant managed to infiltrate the castle, murdering Araceli's mother and leaving Araceli with a mysterious curse. Araceli's shadow, who was nowhere to be seen, was deemed the culprit and branded as a traitor and criminal of the highest degree.

Because of fears of a repeated incident, Araceli would not receive a replacement shadow for some time, instead raised by various castle personnel and her father. As her childhood progressed, she came to understand the prophecy that hovered over her, clinging to it to alleviate her loneliness. However, Araceli wasn't able to safely control her radiance aspect, let alone unlock some special form of magic as told in the prophecy.

The next time the natural phenomenon took place, Araceli and her father met with Lady Infiaco for yet another divination. She revealed to them a small child around Araceli's age, washed up on the shores of the neighboring country. Possessing an untapped quality of light, she presumed that this mysterious child could hold the key to Araceli's power. Though hesitant, they trusted in Lady Infiaco's word, keeping an eye on the shoreline.

Eventually, they found and brought in Raiden, a child with no memories or sense of identity. She simply occupied the castle, but it was quickly revealed how attuned she was to Araceli's needs. Because of this and the vision from Lady Infiaco, Raiden was appointed and trained as Araceli's newest shadow.

Bolt from the Blue

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Officially, Raiden is Araceli's "shadow," a specialized attendant who serves and protects a single royal family member. Informally, however, Araceli would consider Raiden her closest friend. The two are similar in age and interact as if they were childhood sweethearts (or perhaps something more).

Araceli completely trusts Raiden. When the two are alone, Araceli feels like she can truly be herself around her. Though she tries to hide it, Araceli clearly has some romantic feelings for Raiden. To her, Raiden is akin to a stereotypical young adult novel love interest—citing descriptors such as "handsome and charming" and "chivalrous with an air of mystery" when speaking of her. She is under the impression that Raiden likely would not return the feelings, despite the two having gone on dates and kissed before.

Saffron Infiaco

Araceli's childhood friend. House Infiaco and the Cielisono Royal Family have close ties spanning multiple generations, so it was only natural that Araceli and Saffron would spend a lot of time together, especially given their closeness in age. Saffron's exceptional magical ability caught the attention of the royal family, who arranged for him to visit often in case he had the solution to Araceli's curse. He was never told exactly this—only that he should try practicing magic with Araceli. He was present when Araceli damaged the nerves in her right hand, but was never told how exactly that happened.

Saffron used to have a "secret" crush on Araceli, but got over it after confessing his feelings and learning that she was a lesbian. The confession has rarely been mentioned since, if ever.

Mariangela Miron-Gushiken

Another close childhood friend of Araceli's (and Saffron's), and the adopted child of Ophilia Miron and Ryo Gushiken. Because of Umisuu's proximity to Cieliso, it wasn't uncommon for Mari to visit Araceli and vice versa, with Saffron often tagging along. Eventually, when Araceli grew older and prioritized her prophecy-bound duties more, she spent less time with Mari.