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General Features

Shoal Shares

Shoal Shares (abbreviated as "SS") are one of the core features of the server. These are channels requested and ran by creators who would like to share content or progress on their development, request advice or feedback on ideas, or gather collaborators to work together on a big project.

There are a variety of ways that members have utilized SS channels, including collaborative roleplay group planning, game development, comic creation, and general worldbuilding. Channels have housed character art, lore rambles, Picrew dumps, Spotify playlists, update links, to-do lists, AU content, and more!

Other members can check out these channels and familiarize themselves with the specific things everyone is working on. Each channel is a cozy, self-contained space where you'll always know what you're getting into.

The SS system is intended to encourage personal growth, as well as inspire others to expand their creative limits and challenge their own dev-related processes.

Server Events

DSA offers a variety of casual, cooperative and competitive events. The most popular of these are the monthly events, but the server also hosts "side events" in between to keep things alive. An archive of past events can be found here.

Monthly Events

Each month, members are prompted to create content of their characters according to a specific theme or challenge. While the events generally lend themselves to drawn artwork, many of them are also open to writing and other forms of submission. The monthly events are intended to be low-pressure, though some may have raffles for participation and/or prizes for the winner of a competitive event.

Side Events

DSA also hosts other events aside from the monthly ones (referred to as "side events"). Though they may not get a flashy banner and announcement, they are still enjoyed by the community. Examples of these smaller events include:


Many members of DSA enjoy playing video games. The server supports this by providing opt-in ping roles for finding people to play with, as well as its own Minecraft server.


SEA CUBES is DSA's official Minecraft server. It is modless, meaning players do NOT need to download or set up anything before joining. Here, server-side plugins are used to create custom content - most notably custom gear inspired by the OCs of the server's members. It's also running a few plugins for quality-of-life mechanics such as a chest-sorting tool and waypoints. Additionally, there are some "entertainment" plugins in place to provide functions including sitting/laying anywhere and ...mob disguising?!

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