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This entire website is under heavy construction as I am moving things over to a new host and implementing new features! Thanks for your patience as the dust settles...

i'm LEN, but sometimes lenny, but also sometimes icarus or raku or thunder. this website holds my ocverses, projects, and other braindents! i don't have any big plans for this site, or any special reasons for having it. regardless, i hope you enjoy your stay [:

this site uses javascript for navigation. if you've got it disabled (which i totally understand lols), here's a sitemap!

i'm part of the squid ring! check out my friends' DELISHUS oc/worldbuilding stuff!
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29 FEB 2024 : slowly chugging thru the php mines - things are going to be VERY messy for a while lols. also!!! added a few buttons to junkbox links!

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