Everything about TWPS' Setting

The exact location of TWPS is undefined, but it's intended to take place in a large university and the surrounding city. Many region-specific characteristics are mentioned/discussed (such as certain geographical features and store chains), but it's not really meant to be any one place.

The university offers a wide range of degrees and programs. Students either live on campus (campus housing, apartments or otherwise) or commute from the greater metro/surburban area. The university's mascot is a hagfish. GET SLIMED!!!

The Dark Overlord...

Reigning from an omnipresent throne is all-knowing, all-powerful Osis, The Dark Overlord. Despite their menacing title, Osis is a gracious and thoughtful being to those in their service. In fact, Osis is known to grant "blessings" to mere humans whom they see as deserving. These blessings take the form of magical abilities or expertise. There is no true limit to what a blessing may entail, and new ones are discovered every day. TWPS does not require declaration of a blessing for membership.

Osis, The Dark Overlord has no concrete preference in pronouns or gender identity.

A club of Osis devotees...

TWPS meets in a conference room in one of the university's libraries. As a registered student group, TWPS has access to the room on during dedicated meeting times (Tuesday and Thursday evenings), as well as some of the room's storage space. If they're able to reserve the slot, the club also tries to meet in the room on Saturdays.

In official documentation, TWPS is registered as a gaming/fan media club. However, this is a front - TWPS is a group dedicated to honoring and serving Osis, The Dark Overlord. Club activities include candle-lit rituals, ghost hunting, researching local supernatural phenomena, watching horror films, playing horror games, playing Jackbox, going to Applebee's, going to the supermarket, taking pictures of beetles, watching the sunset, exorcisms, bleaching hair, visiting the campus graveyard, divining the future, and much, much more.

Anyone interested can join TWPS - this includes those who have been blessed by Osis, The Dark Overlord, those who think they may becom blessed, and those who wish to learn more about The Dark Overlord. Members are known as witches or patrons (as the group's name suggests). There is no official difference between the two terms, but "witches" often refer to those with a declared blessing. Members are free to call themselves by whatever term they wish, or perhaps use a different one entirely.

Additionally, all members have (or will obtain) a "true name." Sometimes also referred to as a "witch name" or "patron name," a member's true name is a title gifted from The Dark Overlord, usually after receiving a blessing. Most of the time, the name is psychically transmitted from The Dark Overlord (the member comes up with the name themself), but it can also be divined from TWPS' club president, Renarei (Rena comes up with it for the member).

The Enemy...

Though Osis advises their followers to avoid antagonizing others, everyone is bound to find or make enemies. Depending on which club member you ask, the university's D&D club is anything from "just another group, I guess" to "our absolute nemesis." The D&D club's principles directly oppose that of TWPS - making a mockery of the blessings granted by The Dark Overlord and asserting that TWPS are "peak cringe." In addition, some D&D club members have some sort of negative connection to a TWPS member.

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