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Inspirations/"Dent List"

TWPS is first and foremost informed by my personal university experience - specifically the transition from high school to university. Throughout high school, I was considered a little too "weird" among my peers for one metric or another. I would obsess over muting whatever trait it happened to be in an attempt to fit in. Obviously, this wasn't a happy or healthy experience. When I got to college, I had the opportunity to start fresh and curate my own environment. There, I met people who thought those "weird" metrics were cool and valuable / worth treasuring...Yeah. Here's some other bits of inspiration!

Shoutout to my uni friend group. I treasure all of the nature walks, film camera photoshoots, the playlist roulette, red lights ran, Arboretum struggles (and copes), aquarium fixation, wagecucking jokes, forest entomology labs, student center lunches, and everything else. Thank you for showing me a world that loved me just as much as I loved it.

"that winter pic is so funny looking back now. sean wanted to get a picture of it cuz she thought the red leaves would look awesome against the dark green backdrop and the white snow (and she was right)
but when i saw her pull out the camera i just ran up and stood in front of it cuz im a little idiot. wet vans from the snow"
"twps is about having fun wiht ur friends . being weird and your friends are like oh my god youre weird but i love htat about you and when i spend time with you i look forward to that weirdness"

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