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As a whole
"I know you're hurt, but can I ask you to trust me? Just this once—let my heart reach you!"

A mysterious girl who washed up on the shores of Buragee just over ten years before the attack on Castle Cieliso, and the Supporting Protagonist of Bolt from the Blue. Devoid of any memories of her past, she serves as Araceli's personal attendant, happily satisfying all of the curious princess' whims. Optimistic and friendly, Raiden is always open to lending a helping hand to anyone in need, believing wholeheartedly in the strength of being kind.

Araceli Fuentes de Luna
"I am the princess of prophecy, and the fate of the Kingdom of Winds rests in my hands. I'll not bend to you!"

The Protagonist of Bolt from the Blue, Araceli is a princess fated to be the savior against a grand, dark force. Shortly after she was born, something akin to a curse severely disables her aspect, and she's unable to tap into her true power and fight back when the prophesied dark force threatens her home. With no choice but to flee with her attendant, Araceli is set on returning with the power to take back her kingdom.

Saffron Infiaco
"Excuse me as I question your judgement for a moment—just WHAT were you thinking?! Do you have even a touch of logical reasoning in you? No, of course you don't! Why do I even ask..."

The second-born son of House Infiaco, Saffron is a scholarly noble who believes that he should inherit the House instead of his older brother (who is actually rather competent, mind you), seeking out every shred of reason and proof to present to his family. He reluctantly partners with the pirate Cole on a voyage to Cieliso for trivial discussions over paperwork and to meet with its princess, Araceli. However, his personal quest is suddenly thrown into chaos by the attack on San Ven. Alongside Araceli and her attendant, Raiden, Saffron is thrown into an adventure—one that he realizes is just what he needs to prove himself back home.

Cole Fulrisk
"Sometimes, it's not enough to just want something. Sometimes, you gotta take it with your bare fists and show the world you earned it!"

Formerly first mate of the infamous sky pirates crew, The Four Skulls, Cole leaves her powerful position after a dark tragedy and resides alone in her own skycraft. After solo pirating for a few years, she uncharacteristically takes a job from the Pyrusian noble Saffron and welcomes aboard a couple of stowaways on the run from the attack on San Ven. Intially, Cole only intended to bring them back home and be on her way, but she has secretly grown fond of the idea of a new crew, amusedly tagging along with their antics.

Nox Noctis

As a whole
Ilia Miron
"Deep Umisuu is a pretty dangerous area, so stay close, maybe hold on tight—I hope you enjoy the ride!"

A seemingly well-intentioned ally who turned out to be a Nox Noctis member. Her mission with Nox Noctis is to seize the Beastlord of Tide for purposes unknown to the party, but her true intentions are far more selfish and grand.

Karma Selvatilla
"Aw, come on, Vesper! Just one more fight—I promise I'll set better conditions this time!"

The eccentric Head of House Selvatilla—and, strangely, its only living member. Well, aside from Coco Valentine, technically. Karma has a great interest in combat, especially one-on-one, and would compromise pretty much anything else (including Nox Noctis missions) in order to participate in a fun fight. The reason for this bizarre behavior is unknown.

Vesper Naagi
"Like you'd know what it's like to struggle! Pcheh..."

Captain of the pirate crew known as Serpens and a key member of Nox Noctis, Vesper is a shockingly good leader when given the opportunity. Unfortunately, she has quite a sour attitude, particularly towards those who she deems "blessed."

"My breadth in services may surprise you. If there's a will, there's a pay~"

An opportunistic mercenary who values money above all else. Once a renown assassin who accepted jobs from the elite, Kanten has since settled into a sort of "bodyguard" position for Coco Valentine, a clearly self-sufficient and capable young woman. She says that her reasons for taking such a long-term job are entirely rooted in the profit, though her client hints otherwise...