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Resonant Daemon

Name Iliana Miron
Gender Female
Age 23
Height 5'4" (163cm)
Aspect Toxin
Affiliation Nox Noctis

Ilia is one of the major antagonists of Bolt from the Blue. Initially posed as an ally, she leaves the group after they depart from Umisuu, only to reveal herself as a Nox Noctis plant later on in the story. She clearly has a fascination with the Beastlords, but the truth of her motives is hidden behind a thick veil of charisma.



Ilia has short, blue-tinted white hair that pokes out at the sides. Her eyes have both red and blue hues, and are somewhat bioluminescent. She's rather thin.

From Ilia's head, back, and tailbone are gelatinous projections that resemble horns, wings, and a tail, respectively. Though they resemble limbs, they are not actually connected to the rest of her body, and they dynamically shift in shape and size. The color of these projections is a gradient of white, blue, yellow and orange.

Although the projections can bypass solid barriers such as clothing, Ilia finds it convenient to wear outfits that expose some of her skin. She's often seen with a large white jacket—an article that she seems to refuse disclosing the origin of.


Ilia is known to "change face" rather smoothly. Her usual exterior persona is friendly and affectionate, constantly offering to help others. If she has a particular interest in someone, she may playfully flirt with them. She speaks with a slight cadence and rhythm.

Ilia's "true" self is far more cynical and self-serving. Though still talkative and singsong, she comes across as more condescending than compassionate. To her, the ends justify the means, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty if it means getting what she wants.


Ilia has a toxin aspect. Between all of the Nox Noctis members, she has the highest DEF stat and third highest INT stat, making her a dangerously sturdy caster.

Abyssal Goddess' Call

Due to some biological modifications, Ilia is able to absorb the light of monsters and expel it through her skin in a process similar to perspiration. She's honed this ability to summon monsters—or rather, unrecognizable amalgamations of monsters—for combat.

Abyssal Goddess' Call also has non-combat utility. Ilia can summon smaller amalgamations that can conceal themselves under clothing or even skin. She is then able to access their "vision," allowing her to covertly surveil her targets. Ilia refers to this technique as "marking."


Prior to Story

Ilia was born with a rare condition known as a curse. Its effects were manageable at first—muscle and joint weakness, heightened susceptibility to cold, and some difficulty breathing. Doctors and scholars were brought in to examine the situation, but no cure or reliable treatment was found.

At around 13 years old, Ilia's condition worsened considerably. Her symptoms left her bedridden and miserable. During this time, Ilia's older sister, Ophilia, was busy with her Umisuan councilmember campaign. In an attempt to help her sister, Ophilia had Ilia sent to Eliteca, a college and scholar's town in Cieliso. Ilia saw Ophilia's move as "sending her problems away," growing an unaddressed resentment towards her.

At Eliteca, Ilia was under the care of Dr. Lance Asnefas and Saint Macarius, two researchers specializing in curses. Together, they miraculously identified the root: various points of Ilia's toxin aspect were "cursed" to attack her own body. Their solution was to "expel" the cursed light, and any "gaps" left would be replaced by the light of monsters. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it allowed Ilia to leave bed and move freely. Ultimately, she was willing to put up with any discomfort and long-term consequence if it meant some semblance of an ordinary life.

Lance and Saint would eventually part ways as their research "concluded," leaving Ilia to decide what she wanted to do next with her new (albeit slightly unstable) lease on life. To better monitor Ilia's condition, Lance suggested that they travel together. As an assistant to Lance's expeditions, Ilia learned about the Beastlords, the god-like monsters that rule over the natural world. She wondered what the effects of absorbing a Beastlord (much like she had with other monsters) would be.

Bolt from the Blue

Lance joined Nox Noctis in exchange for research funding and access, with Ilia following close behind. Though she shared Lance's interest in the Beastlords, Ilia had her own affairs in mind. She believed that with the Beastlords' infinite reserves of light, she would be able to effectively "cure" her own curse, and sought to take control of them to test this theory.

As a founding member of Nox Noctis, Ilia oversaw the activity of other members through Abyssal Goddess' Call. Most members of the organization (as well as other people of interest) are tagged by an amalgamation—usually not to their knowledge.

During the most recent Night of the Stars, Ilia infiltrated the Infiaco Manor as Lady Karma Selvatilla's plus-one. Together, Karma and Ilia stole a Chimera talisman and marked Raiden.

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