Bolt from the Blue

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the game getting released? / When is the demo?

A. Whenever it is released. In all seriousness, BFTB does not have a solid release date currently. My goal is to have a polished demo up to the end the game's first chapter by February 2025 in time for Steam Next Fest, but I am really hoping to have a playable feature test / alpha much, much sooner!

Q. What engine is BFTB being made in?

Godot 4. Really went back and forth on quite a few engines before settling on this one. I just like their style.

Q. How can I help?

A. I'm not looking for any kind of financial support at the moment, nor am I bringing any new team members on. This is subject to change as the project starts to take shape, but for now just keep me and my darling project in your heart!... and maybe give me a follow on some social medias if you'd like.

Q. What does "biting / bite your friends and let them bite you back" mean? Where does it come from?

A. It's somewhat of a lighthearted phrase between me and some friends to say "take care of your loved ones and let them take care of you too" or "let yourself be vulnerable with others just as they let themselves be with you." It originated with an equally lighthearted description of Raiden's Link abilities: imagery of the dragon-wolf-beast-thing Fenrir engulfing or "biting off" a piece of someone else. This sorta ties into Raiden's character - she is someone who shows complete, unrelenting, unconditional empathy to those around her, and in turn she is shaped by the vulnerabilities entrusted with her ("biting others"). Her arc is about the way in which these exchanges serve as a lens for understanding her own identity, and realizing that she, too, is a person who wants to be loved and cared for by others ("letting others bite her back"). Does that make sense? It probably doesn't. Sorry.