Bolt from the Blue

Wherever you go, light follows.

Raiden comforting Araceli

Embark on an epic journey where the strength of one's bonds has the power to overcome even prophecy. Bolt from the Blue is a character-driven RPG following the story of Araceli Fuentes de Luna, princess of a kingdom that's just been brought to ruin by a powerful, dark entity - one that she was destined to stop, but couldn't due to a mysterious curse that's plagued her for her entire life. Araceli's story is shown through the perspective of Raiden, her kind attendant with no recollection of her own past, devoting herself entirely to Araceli's safety and well-being.

Accompanied by over-ambitious noble Saffron and the notorious solo pirate Cole, the duo set out on a quest to lift Araceli's curse and return home and fulfill her destiny as her kingdom's hero. The party is threatened at every turn by the perpetrators of the destruction: Nox Noctis, a mysterious organization seeking to control the Beastlords. Together, these four will put a stop to Nox Noctis' plans, uncover ancient secrets, and bring light to a world succumbed to darkness.

Main Characters


Ten years ago, Raiden washed up on the shores of Buragee with no recollection of her identity outside of her own name. Graciously, she was offered refuge with the Cielisono Royal Family and began serving as its princess' attendant - as her "shadow." She is deeply thankful for the family's kindness, repaying them with her unwavering dedication to the sole heiress.

  • Most of her interests seem to line up with Araceli's
  • Can't remove the bands around her wrists
  • Extremely awkward with weapons, and prefers to fight without them

"I know you're hurt, but can I ask you to trust me? Just this once—let my heart reach you!"


Princess of the Cielisono Royal Family and future ruler of its kingdom, Araceli spent most of her time studying under an Elitecan tutor, training with the Windknights in magic and swordplay, and tending to her pact with Champion Loniles. To the rest of the world, Araceli was the picture-perfect heiress for the kingdom. Behind all of that façade, however, was a young girl cursed to fail her kingdom.

  • Enjoys reading young adult adventure novels
  • Bites her knuckles as a nervous tick
  • Keeps a diary that no one else - not even Raiden - is allowed to peek in

"I am the princess of prophecy, and the fate of the Kingdom of Winds rests in my hands. I'll not bend to you!”


Saffron is the second-born son of House Infiaco, and he is very proud of this fact. Though, as much as he'd like to inherit the role of Head of House, it seems his older brother has seniority. Convinced that he would be far more suited as South Pyrus' leader, Saffron constantly pesters his mother to reconsider. His mother gives him but one response: Saffron just doesn't have what it takes, and until he acquires it, the position will be inherited by his brother.

  • Despite his envy and annoyance, he actually admires his older brother
  • Horrible with animals and small children
  • Has the ability to see up to a day into the future

"Excuse me as I question your judgement for a moment—just WHAT were you thinking?! Do you have even a touch of logical reasoning in you? No, of course you don't! Why do I even ask...”


Cole's reputation as the renegade first mate of one of the most notorious bands of sky pirates, The Four Skulls, preceded her; few individuals of any faction were comfortable approaching her for any reason, and she preferred it that way. However, under all of that tough skin, Cole buries a tragic secret. When an unusual group request a means of travel, Cole is forced to face this trauma head-on.

  • Won't attend social events if there's no alcohol involved
  • Raised by two butchers/steakhouse owners
  • Frequently cheats at card games

"Sometimes, it's not enough to just want something. Sometimes, you gotta take it with your bare fists and show the world you earned it!”